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How we work


Bring us your in-season, new or gently used clothing.  Items should be no more than two years old. 

We do not take sleepwear, lingerie, suits, evening gowns or wedding gowns. Drop offs are accepted at any time,  our team will review while you wait if possible. If not we will call you when we have had an opportunity to review your items and have you return to sign a contract and pick up the items we are not taking. 

Your items should be clean, pressed and in good condition and will be priced accordingly. When they are sold you will receive 40% of the selling price. They will be on the shop floor for 60 days. If items remain unsold after 60 days you have a choice to have them returned to you or donated to the store and then we donate them to a local charity when we do a clear out. 

It is your responsibility to collect your items within 7 days after the 60 day limit. We reserve the right to donate items after this date.

Why not come in and browse our stock when you collect your check!


Most of our items are one-offs and are therefore sold as seen. We do not accept returns.

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